danIMDb logoJOHN SAVAGE as Mort
John took on the role of Mort, a Gulf War veteran in a wheelchair living on the street, because he had already been doing volunteer work feeding homeless street folks. Like his co-stars in A Star For Rose, he is devoted to his work and the welfare of others, not the glory of stardom. And he's certainly had his share of the latter, starring in the Academy Award-winning The Deer Hunter, and with countless major roles in movies and TV since. John has produced, composed and worked in many capacities in film, but mostly just loves to share the joy of creating with others. His credits can fill a small book. And when it comes to taking on a character, no one is better than John. He doesn't just memorize lines, he uses life experience, fresh ideas and wide-ranging knowledge to build characters far beyond what any writer could imagine. John is truly a joy to work with.