In this independent film by "Drugstore Cowboy" writer Daniel Yost, Debbie plays Rose, a homeless woman. Debbie described the role as tough and that the message from the movie is "about disenfranchisement and people on the street who are homeless, that there is no program, no place for this person to go to feel safe," said Debbie. "I thought it was quite a challenge. When I was shooting the movie a lot of people thought I really was homeless. They were offering me food on the streets and I remember this man gave me some money. I was like, 'Wow, okay, it is working. I'm playing the part.'"

Researching the role, Debbie visited shelters near her home in Los Angeles. She said, "We have quite a few homeless communities in Los Angeles and we tend to take care of the homeless there to the chagrin of many other people. I spent time just observing. But I've always observed them because they are everywhere trying to survive." The film is about Rose and her path from losing her daughter to how she became homeless and her relationship with a young girl who comes to Hollywood and ends up on the streets as well.