danimdb logoDEBBIE ALLEN as Rose
The term, Renaissance Man, could never be more appropriate than when applied to—a woman! Because Debbie Allen is truly a Renaissance Woman, many times over. Starting with acting. Chorus roles and appearances on television leading up to a Tony nomination for West Side Story and a Tony Award for Sweet Charity on Broadway. And on to film (Fame) and TV acting Cosby Show, A Different World), evolving into directing for TV and film, and choreography (several Academy Award shows) on the side. And meanwhile, she's been producing, writing and directing large-scale musical shows (such as the recent Hot Chocolate Nutcracker and Twist—An American Musical). But perhaps her greatest achievement is what she's been doing in the new century, creating and building the extraordinary Debbie Allen Dance Studio, with several studios opening the door to dance for thousands of young people. Debbie has a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Women in Radio and Television, but her primary focus is what she can give to others. And in A Star For Rose, she shows that she truly has empathy for those less fortunate, putting on layers of clothes and sleeping in a cardboard box and on newspapers in an alley to show the humanity of a homeless woman.